Enzyme detox treatment cream 30g

Enzyme Detox Treatment 123 ( baby skin tone )

-Which types of skin require detoxification treatment?

-Does my skin need to undergo skin detoxification treatment?

Yes, if you answer 'yes' to any of the points below: 
@ Prolonged use of chemical-added ingredients to skincare products and metals-containing cosmetics
@Use of acid Peels, Acidic Skin 
@Dull and non-glowy skin / Exposure to radiation
@Severe breakout of acne or acne scars' problems
@Enlarged pores and uneven holes in skin
@Pigmentation, melasma, freckles, etc. 
@Itching of hormones and other skin problems
@Closed comedones/ Blackheads problem (blocked pores)

Product Description:

DOC+ detox series are cultivated from organic herbs, then re-extracted of their essence from active enzymes, resulting in highly-improved nutritional value. Hence, DOC+ detox series has innumerable benefits to the skin. It gets rid of dead skin and pigmentation, cleanses the skin thoroughly, accelerate melanin’s metabolism, tightens fine lines, makes skin fair by whitening it / 'snow-white' skin , bouncy, dewy, supple and smooth.

The DOC+ detox series is 100% safe to use, with ZERO side effect and DOESN't cause any allergic reaction, peeking or contain any harmful substance.

Directions of Use: 
For rebounding spots problem, prescription can be for eg. 3 days detox + 7 days treatment etc. , according to the degree of sensitivity, red spots and pigmentation of the skin.

【5 days before using DOC+ detox series】
1. Stop using products that contain hormones or have whitening property 
2. Use only the No.2 Aqua 6500 toner and No.4 Nutritional Balancing Cream to enhance facial moisturising

【3 days detox】
•Skin's reaction to detox: If small rashes appear in the process of detoxification , apply T1 to the areas with rashes and continue to strengthen facial detoxification until the rashes disappear completely. During this detoxification period, the skin will tend to dry up, so it advisable for you to apply moisturising facial mask afterwards. 
•Slow down the redness, itching and other issues caused by sensitive skin in the T3's process. 
•For pustule acne skin: Firstly, use a clean and sterilized needle.Then, proceed with the anti-inflammatory, moisturising and other soothing procedures to remove acne pustules after using T3. This way, it creates a positive effect, preventing the excessive discharge of skin secretions, henceforth efficiently detoxing, moisturising and rejuvenating the skin as it increases skin absorption ability. 
1. On a daily basis, use T1 as the base on the skin and then apply T2 for 30-40 minutes before cleansing. (Note: If you have sensitive skin, reduce the time accordingly) 
2. Moisturising & shooting Mask 20-35minutes
3. Morning & Night Skincare routine ( No. 1 - No. 2 - No. 4)

【 7 Days Waste Extraction Treatment】
1. After cleansing, apply No. 3 + No. 5 as a base for the skin
2. Apply T3 on the skin evenly and refrain from having any facial expression or movement for half an hour to one hour. (30-60mins). This is to ensure maximum absorption of T3 mask for 6 to 8 hours. 
3. Apply T4's nano moisturising ice on the mask and gently massage for 3-5 minutes, until it is absorbed. This would take approximately 20-30 minutes. Remove and wash your face. 
4. If the skin starts to dry up, you can use moisturising mask for 20-35 minutes
5. Skincare process (Morning: 1-2-3-4-Sunblock), (Night time: 1-2-3-4-5)

1. Before applying T3 detox absorption mask on, first conduct a skin allergy test by applying a small amount of the No. 4 active enzyme whitening night cream at the back of your ears. If there is no allergic reaction, do proceed with the detoxification process; if there's any allergic reaction, follow only the instructions for sensitive skin. 
2. After applying the T3 detox absorption mask (30mins-60mins) , if there is any skin irritation, you can remove the mask in advance and immediately use the moisturising replenishment mask. 
3. To achieve the best desired effects of No.3's pore cleansing and No. 5's active enzyme whitening night cream, do use both of them up within 20-25 days. 
4. Throughout the detoxification process, do apply more moisturising masks. 
5. For rebounding skin spots, acne and sensitive skins, do have the necessary skin repair and detox done beforehand/ before the treatment. (Detox: Usually 1-2 days. For moderate skin problems: 3-5 days ; Severe skin problems: 7-10 days. ) If detox is well, the post-repair period will be better too. 
6. If there is any skin redness, swelling, itching and other reactions after the usage, it is absolutely normal. This is due to the metabolic reactions. However, do stop using No. 3 pore cleansing essence and No. 5 active enzyme whitening night cream temporarily, so as to strengthen the moisturising effects. 
7. Generally, it takes 7-10 days for intense absorption of shallow spots treatment detox masks. As for darker spots, it takes 10-15 days. 
8.If the effect is not obvious, you can go to a beauty salon to add in No.3 pore cleansing essence and No. 5 active whitening night cream in complement with T3 detox absorption mask. 
9. Our company is not liable for the amount used in the overall detoxification process and the methods used. We are also not responsible for users who do not follow the instructions, leading to adverse reactions caused by using other products.

Enzyme Detox Treatment 123 ( baby skin tone ) 酵素排毒系列





*排毒反应:如果排毒过程中出现小的疹子颗粒,搽上T1 那里有疹子涂那里,继续加强面部排毒,直到疹子颗粒消失为止,排毒期间皮肤会发干,可在排毒之后做补水面膜。

3.将T4 纳米补水冰晶涂抹于面膜上柔软按摩3-5分钟,待软化及吸收20-30分钟卸掉面膜即可,然后清洗


Ingredients and Usage 成分和用法

Enzyme detox treatment cream 30g
Rich in active enzyme cells, accelerates the skin's metabolism and shortens the after-treatment repair process, achieving a total skin detox effect. In addition, it has various natural herbs ingredients added to it, effectively treating and repairing the skin, henceforth efficiently curing severe skin problems (e.g. dark spots, age spots, acne, enlarged pores, etc). All in all, it returns you your smooth, dewy, glowy and bouncy baby-like skin!

Ingredients: water, polyisobutylene, isohexadecane, polysorbate-80, sodium citrate, sugar isomers, dent majority of extract, caprylic / Kwai triglyceride, panthenol, glycol , xylitan, beet root extract, squalane, polydimethylsiloxane, nicotinamide, aloe vera extract, cetyl phosphate, cetyl alcohol, potassium carbonate, polyacrylate - 13, poly-y- sodium glutamate, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin.

Usage: After cleansing, take the product evenly Apply to the face, or tap with ultrasonic waveguide 1-2 minutes after the wipes to wipe clean.

Enzyme detox treatment cream 30g-活性酵素排毒治疗膏




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