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Dermatological Organic Care

Branding concept
DOC+ boosts an extensive range of natural skincare products that have been researched and improved tremendously by skincare professionals over the years. Formulated using natural ingredients, DOC+ products are 100% safe to use and do not have any side effects. Additionally, the products are made under strict production regulations to ensure the best quality, such that active ingredients are retained. Hence, consumers are bound to experience the utmost extraordinary skincare results!

Superiority of DOC+ products
All DOC+ products fall under the skincare category of ' Treatment/ Maintenance Products' and usage must be complied with your dermatologist’s instructions.

Unlike other ordinary skincare products which are used for maintenance only, 
DOC+' treatment skincare products are used as 'treatments'. Hence, the products are proven far more effective for achieving better skin because it treats the skin instead of just maintaining it. Following the usage of DOC+ skincare products one process after another, you will get to experience the great astounding changes to your skin, working your way towards achieving back your perfect baby smooth skin!




Botanical Pearl Cream 15g
- Botanical Pearl Cream is made from the real cultured pearls, using concentrated grounded super pearls powder to ensure only the highest grade ingredients are use to improve skin texture reverting the skin to baby like skin and has powerful whitening ingredient while acting as a natural sunscreen. Contains the ultimate anti-aging ingredients, Placenta serum and Ginseng extracts are added to help improve blood circulation, supply of the good nutrients to the skin in the restoration of skin, making skin softer, finer, smoother, fairer and younger. Botanical Pearl Cream is created to help promote cell renewal, regulates skin discoloration caused by exposure of environmental radicals and hormones imbalance. It helps skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, repair dry skin roughness, delay skin aging, shrink pores, tighten skin, enhance skin elasticity, making skin becomes smooth, delicate and radiant with its natural sun protection properties. It also regulates sebum production hence eliminate white and black heads, inflammation of pimples, acne, dark spots, freckles. It's also an effective treatment cream for pimples, acne, acne scars, black spots, skin blemishes and dull looking skin.
- It does not hurt your skin while whitening as it moisturize and is a natural sunblock protect skin from environmental radicals. Skin renewal cycle is generally about 28days, rejuvenation can be seen after 28days of usage. Your skin will look 5 years younger.
- This super-concentrated pearl cream with its unique features correct skin tone, so no matter what skin tone you have, it can be blended into your natural skin tone giving it a flawless and natural glow. It can be used to replace cosmetics foundation, BB , CC cream and as concealer

Storage: Since the active natural ingredients are used, it is recommended to store in the fridge after opening.

Ingredients: active placenta essence, squalene, natural antibacterial agent, Grasse rose hydrosol, collagen, ultra-fine precious pearl powder, vitamin E, bearberry extract, rose extract, saffron, aloe vera liquid, ginseng extract, gold witch hazel extract, licorice extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, active enzymes

Usage: Morning and night. Wash face thoroughly, normal skin care routine use this product as the final step, take an appropriate amount pearl cream and apply evenly on the face using pat or rub method. Use 2 or 3 times a day, 5 to 7 days a week for best results.

Botanical Pearl Cream 15g -草本珍珠膏

含有活性胎盘精华素,角鲨烷、天然抗菌剂,格拉斯玫瑰纯露、胶原蛋白、超细珍贵珍珠粉、维他命e、 熊果素、玫瑰萃取液、藏红花,芦荟原液、人参萃取、金缕梅萃取液、甘草萃取液、霍霍巴油、乳木果油、活性酵素

收缩毛孔-缩小毛孔,紧致肌肤,增强皮肤弹性, 皮肤重新变得光滑细腻,容光焕发
防晒防辐射-利用天然植物萃取物取代化学防晒成分,能有效提供肌肤24小时防护,包括手机和电脑所带来的辐射及白天的紫外线UVA ,UVB



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